Yun Nan Technology and Business University International Admissions

云南工商学院简介Yunnan Technology and Business University


 Yunnan Technology and Business University is located in Kunming, Yunnan. Kunming has long been known as one of China’s most livable cities and Known as the 'Spring City. Yunnan Technology and Business University was founded in 1999, Yunnan Technology and Business  University is Yunnan’s first private-run universityand now has more than  28,000 students and 1,333 teachers.Among them, there are 506 overseas students mainly came from East Asian, Southeast Asian and South Asian countries.


 Although it is based in Yunnan, our University seeks to provide high-quality education to students from southwest China and Southeast Asia. In order to achieve these goals, the university will follow the route of “practical, local, regional and international” while running the school.


 Adhering to the direction of socialist education, and implementing the education policies of the party and the country, Yunnan Technology and Business University is devoted to its fundamental functions of talents cultivation, scientific research, public service and cultural inheritance and innovation. Insisting on the principles of cultivating talents, virtue education, capability improvement, comprehensive development, Yunnan Technology and Business University puts emphasis on enhancing social responsibility, innovation spirit, practical ability of the students and training high-qualified and innovative talents with good virtues and high abilities.


 The university has set up 11 subordinate colleges, including College of Economics & Management, College of Accounting, College of Information Engineering, College of Architecture Engineering, College of Transportation and Electromechanical Engineering, College of Design, College of Humanities, College of Nursing, College of Foreign Languages, College of Marxism, and College of General Education, etc. These 7 colleges offer students 32 undergraduate programs and 34 junior programs.



We emphasize the international cooperation and communication. We have established a long-term, stable, friendly cooperative relationship with more than 40 universities and research institutions in different 20 countries, such as Canada, UK, Australia, etc. It is gradually formed its own impacts and characteristics, in which talent fostering and transfer of Intellectual Property facing for neighboring countries.Yunnan Technology and Business University will continue adhering to the motto of self-reliant, outstanding, serve-country, which insists on governing the school legally, moralities campus, scientific research to explore the construction of modern university system. To strive for the first-class applied university in China, we have been improving the innovative abilities of talent fostering, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance.

学校优势 Strengths of Yunnan Technology and Business University

一、汉语学习小班教学、HSK 4过关率高 Small class teaching, high passing rate of HSK


Chinese preparatory course is conducted in small classes of 10 to 25 students per class.


HSK Passing rate has up to 80% and above.

二、就业质量好、就业率高 High  employment quality and rates


YTBU aims to train applied talents with strong practical ability and high professional quality, keeps 100% employment rate for 8 years.


YTBU has obtained the first prize of “employment target responsibility evaluation for Yunnan colleges” and “Chinese university employment top 50 ”.

三、全方位管理 All-round management


Full-time teachers to help students to apply studying visas.


Full-time counselors to provide student psychological counseling, studying and life guidance.


Full-time teachers to teach Chinese.

四、安全平安校园 Safe and peaceful campus


YTBU has 35 security personnel to ensure students’ safety.


YTBU owns a safe and beautiful campus. It has  been honored with "provincial civilized schools", "provincial peaceful campus" by Yunnan  Provincial Education Commission of Yunnan Provincial Committee and Yunnan Provincial Department of Education; "Garden-style Establishment"by the Kunming municipal government .

五、活动丰富多彩 A variety of activities


YTBU organizes oversea students to visit renowned scenic spot in Yunnan once or twice each semester.


YTBU provides martial arts, judo, calligraphy, dance and other various community activities.

六、语言环境良好 An enriching and fulfilling language environment


Chinese students will help overseas students to communicate in Chinese as soon as possible.

七、国际留学生服务International student service


First, airport pick- up service.


Second, registration, payment, accommodation of overseas students are accompanied by specially-assigned person.


Third, the teachers of international college will help overseas students to fill in visa application form and provide instruction to medical insurance, study visa application, physical examination and other related formalities.


Yunnan Technology and Business University International Admissions for Undergraduate

一.申请资格 Qualification of Applicant


1.Being the age of 18 or above;

2.Obtaining the graduation certificate of senior high school or above;

3.Being in good health and moral condition;

4.Having no criminal record;

5.Complying with Chinese laws, regulations and the rules and regulations of Yunnan Technology and Business University;

6.Having a valid passport of non Chinese citizens.

二.申请时间及方式 Application Time and Method

    需申请就读的留学生,可在12-1月份、5-6月份登录云南工商学院留学生系统招生网上填写申请资料(yngsxy.at0086.cn/student) ,国际处和国际学院根据留学生提供的材料审核后,办理录取通知书和JW202表。

Applicants are required to submit their applications by using the website of Yunnan Technology and Business University (yngsxy.at0086.cn/student) either in December and January or in May and June. The International Office and International College will make a review of materials submitted by applicants, secure an admission notice and complete a form Jw202 for these admitted.

三.申请材料 Application Documents


    Applicants should fill in the application form through the link of  (yngsxy.at0086.cn/student). please complete the application form carefully and submit the other documents as attached  below:

1.带有地址的有效护照 Valid  Passport  with  address  page 

2.最新签证页The newest visa 

3.3个月内照片The photos photographed within 3 months

注意一. 请将人员照片以护照号码命名;       NOTE 1: Please name your photo by your passport number

注意二. 照片参照格式:彩色2寸免冠证件照,白色背景无边框,头部占照片尺寸的2/3,照片尺寸不低于320*240像素,高宽比为43, 大小为100-500KBJPG格式

NOTE 2:  Passport Photo reference format:white blackboard and the size prefer as below: 320*240 pixels, aspect ratio 4:3, size 100-500KB, JPG format

4.高中毕业证 Secondary &High school diploma(certificates)

5.体检证明   Medical certificate 

6.高中成绩 High school Transcript

7.当地派出所出具的无犯罪记录证明 Non -Criminal certificate issued by the local police station

四.录取及入学 Admission and Enrolment


The students who are accepted by the university will be sent the acceptance letter by e-mail. The hard copy of the acceptance letter will be posted to the students later.The start time of each academic year will be in September. The specific date will be stated on the acceptance letter.

五.奖学金设置 Scholarship






以南亚、东南亚国家为主,兼顾其他国家   Supporting Category

(1)Full-time Degree Students(Bachelor’s) and Scholars in Chinese Language.

(2)Mainly opening to South Asia and Southeast Asia countries.




 Non-Chinese and being in good health.


Bachelor’s degree program applicants must hold High School Graduation Certification and be under the age of 25.


Master’s degree program applicants must hold Bachelor’s Degree and be under the age of 35 .


PhD. degree program applicants must hold Master’s Degree and be under the age of 40.


Applicants for Scholars in Chinese Language should hold High School Graduation Certification, and be under the age of 35.


(1) 申请者须如实填写《云南省政府奖学金申请表》。










III. Application

Applicants are required to complete the following application materials and deliver two copies for each of them to YTBU:

1) Application Form for Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship Program, the original copy and photocopy, complete in Chinese or English.

2) Copy of the applicant's highest academic degree certificate notarized by a public notary. Those who are currently studying in a college or university are  required to provide certification of their student status (provided by the college or university). Those who are employed after graduation are required to provide certification of their employment status (provided by their employer). Certificates/certifications written in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English Version.

3) The copy of valid HSK Certificate .

4) Copy of transcript for latest diploma notarized by a public notary. Transcript written in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English Version.

5) Study Plan in English or Chinese (no less than 500 words for Bachelor’s Degree applicant, no less than 300 words for Scholars in Chinese Language applicant).

6) Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Formwritten in English; The physical examinations must cover all of the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete forms or forms without the signature of the attending physician, or the official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed photograph of the applicant are considered as invalid. Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only 6 months.






IV. Admission

1) All documents should be bound together on top left corner in the order of 1) to 6) . No application documents will be returned.

2After assessment by experts from YTBU, the documents of qualified applicants will be delivered to the Education Department of Yunnan Province .

3) Offer of Admission, Visa Application for Study in China(JW201 Form),and Registration Guide will be mailed to scholarship recipient in the beginning of April.

4) Scholarship recipients shall not change their field of study, or duration of study unless they give up the grant.

5) Scholarship will not be reserved if scholarship recipient cannot register before the registration deadline.

V. Deadline

Application packages must be received by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation Department, before April. 1st , 2021. Late delivery and/or incomplete information may result in failure to receive the award.


一、奖学金设置  Supporting Category


In order to recognize the hard work of international students in the last academic year, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, and promote their learning, we set up the international student scholarship of Yunnan Institute of Business and Technology.

二、评选标准及奖项设置 Selection criteria and award setting


Non-freshmen, law-abiding, exemplary implementation of the student code and school rules and regulations, no disciplinary behavior;


Have high prestige among classmates, and can play an exemplary role; Studied hard and got excellent grades. Average score ranked first in my class.


Actively participate in physical exercise and artistic activities, physical and mental health, strong will;


Like the collective, have the spirit of unity and cooperation; I studied Chinese hard and passed HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Level 5 in advance.

奖学金:6人  奖金2000/人   Scholarship: RMB 2000 / person for 6 people

HSK鼓励奖学金:1人  奖金1000/人   HSK Scholarship: 1000 RMB for 1 person

三、奖学金名额 Scholarship quota


International Student Scholarship: 6, HSK Scholarship: 1.

四、评选流程 Selection process


The student section and the international education department will issue the selection arrangement, and the students should submit the scholarship application to the homeroom teacher's office within the specified time;


Adhere to the standards and conduct the selection in accordance with the principles of fairness, openness and impartiality.


Selection and Recommendation is open to all international students, and each class should participate in the selection according to the proportion.


Make a comprehensive understanding and assessment of the units and individuals to be declared, and fill in the declaration form carefully as required.


The selection committee will review and score the application materials and select the winners.


Publicity of scholarship winners' materials.

五、联系方式 Contact


AddressLibrary 502, Yunnan Technology and Business University, Yanglin District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, P.R.China

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